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Το «LADOFANARO» from the first moment of its operation, it built its success on its relationship with the customer, a relationship that is friendly and based on mutual trust.

Today, after 25 years of success in this relationship, we are trying to upgrade it by creating a kind of club that will register the friends of LADOFANARO as members, while offering them some important privileges.

We offer absolutely free a simple card with a number for each member, through which the holder will be entitled to:

  • 20% OFF to the account EXCEPT SATURDAY and the eve of major holidays
  •  Reservations priority
  • Special nights for members with special rates
  •  Discounts at other friends' businesses of which the member will be notified
  • Full food and drink menu for the celebrant MEMBER on his birthday!

All we want is for you to give us a name and a way to contact you such as e-mail (preferred) or fax or landline or mobile phone or postal address.
You can also become a member online by sending us the completed application form below and you will receive your card on your first visit

CAUTION!!! A necessary condition, for the member discounts to apply, is that they declare their membership status to us (we cannot remember all our members) at the time of the order, so that we do not cut off the receipt with a regular price and are charged more VAT and taxes.

Note: Of course the following information will remain between us.

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